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"NO FRIZZ" - Impossible or Achievable?

Lately, there seems to be a curly hair movement suggesting that the phrase “No Frizz” is some kind of mythical idea. Some curly hair influencers have even gone so far as to personify "No frizz" as an imaginary character that is impossible to ever find or achieve. They believe we should gladly accept flyaways and that it is mentally unhealthy to try to achieve a frizz free look. On the other end of the spectrum, for people who are not part of that movement, the phrase “No Frizz” is a motivating idea which prompts them to create immaculate hairstyles without even one misaligned strand. They believe that any frizz implies laziness or lack of care about one's appearance. But what is frizz? Does frizz really need to be a four-letter word? And is there a way to find a

compromise between different curly hair belief systems?

The word “Frizzy” is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “not smooth or neat, because individual hair shafts are variably wavy and do not align together”. Naturally curly hair is generally frizzier than straight hair because natural oils on a curly haired person's scalp can't travel down the hair shaft as easily. As a result, frizz is often more noticeable in textured hair. Also, any damage in hair strands makes it easier for internal moisture to exit, leaving the hair drier than it should be regardless of hair being straight or curly. In addition, there are some secret external factors which contribute to frizzy hair that are not commonly known such as: which ingredients to avoid in high humidity, heat styling, using harsh products, not using enough product, diluting products too much, not using enough hold, washing too often, and towel drying your hair.

It is normal and expected for curly textured hair to have a little frizz. According to Curly Hair Specialist Athena Padilla, "if you want to tame, reduce, and manage frizzy hair, this IS possible with the right hair routine, effort, and products”. If you look on Athena's Website Homepage/How to Begin, you will see her original definition of frizz as a play on words which put frizz into a mentally healthy perspective. She compared dealing with frizzy hair to any other challenge in life, such as stress or trials. She explained her original definition of frizz by saying, "Healthy FRIZZ is beautiful and it’s not only in the eye of the beholder, it really doesn’t have anything wrong with it. It’s the unhealthy frizz that we want to remove and manage. Leave the worrying out. Believe in your inner beauty, and the true beauty of others. That’s how to take the FRIZZ out of life! Remember, you are a #10 inside and out.” If we understand that people were afraid of the word frizz in the past and solely had a goal to remove frizz then we can grow from that; we can remind people that healthy frizz, natural curl texture, or flyaway strands of hair have nothing wrong with them and should be embraced as a part of life.

We stand by this healthy minded movement to understand frizz as it really is, and that it’s possible to give hair what it needs without feeling exhausted mentally or physically. A little hard work never hurt anyone. This viewpoint on frizz evolves gracefully as the world's curly hair philosophies change from a negative to a positive perspective. Wanting to now embrace frizz more fully all while achieving our hair goals and life dreams is still everyone's personal choice. And definitely keep in mind that no matter what your hair looks like, you truly are beautiful. As you strive to reduce frizz or damage in your hair, we can support you through Personal Hair Coaching, Forums, Learning Charts on Facebook, Videos, Custom Natural products, and Hair Routine Tips! Empathetically, just as it’s okay to encourage and support someone who wants to be the next president for example, it's not our place to discourage or un-inspire them from what they truly want. Managing frizz can be a way of life that is kept in balance as we understand our limits and our hair’s condition. For instance, Athena may personally get frizz-free curls for a 1-hour photo shoot (because that is an art form some people love to achieve) - but the next day while chasing her kids around she’ll throw her hair into a messy bun and that's just as incredibly beautiful.

Let’s start a NEW movement! No Frizz 10 Naturals was chosen as a company name to be readily recognizable to those looking to reduce frizz in their curly hair. However, our products are designed for all hair types, and we want to be enticing to all consumers, whether they have straight, wavy, OR curly hair. We are also developing a natural skincare line, and we want everyone to know that our products are for all your skin needs. With that in mind, and to find a compromise between different curly hair belief systems, we are transitioning from being referred to as “No Frizz 10 Naturals” to “NF10 Naturals”. The acronym NF10 can have many different personal meanings from "No Frizz - You're a 10" to "Never Failing", to "Naturally Fetching", or a personal favorite, "Notably Fabulous Skin & Hair Care – You’re a 10.”

What does NF10 mean to you personally and what is your curly hair philosophy on life?

Tell us in our POLLS/FORUM HERE.

Whatever it is, we hope that you will think of us and enjoy using the products we offer to fit all your hair and skincare needs!

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Author Athena Padilla

Editor Chrissy Storr

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