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Product Usage/Care

HOW MUCH HAIR PRODUCT SHOULD I USE? (Follow links to learn more!)


Apply a quarter amount size to the scalp with finger tips then distribute throughout wet hair. Set on to detox. Rinse.

OR dilute your cleanser with up to 6 parts water!



As deep conditioner, apply a handful to wet hair and brush through. Set on 10 minutes. Rinse well.

For leave-in conditioner use a dime-nickel size mixed with 1-4 parts water in palm, then apply to damp hair & detangle. 


Use 1-3 handfuls all over conditioned hair to create very slippery & smooth curl clumps. Do not rinse.


Use 1-3 handfuls to damp, wet, or dry hair of Styler of your choice, OR apply a cocktail of your favorite Stylers.

Layer on our Hard Hold Carbomer Gel & Curl Cream Options & Orange Moisture Mist for luscious long lasting curls!


Our NEW Carbomer Gel... is for every hair type/scalp type and density. It comes with light moisture, is protein free and offers hard hold.  It's of course, particularly great at reducing difficult frizz and even wet frizz too!

NF10 Naturals Carbomer Gel
Soft Springy Defined Curls from NF10 Naturals Perfecting Souffle'

Our NEW Curl Cream Options:  now customizable at home with Protein Free -
3 parts Flaxseed Cream Gel mixed with 1 part Mod Moist Butter and 1 part Carbomer Gel.
With Protein -
 parts Carbomer Gel mixed with1 part Protein Mask 
*For curl cream, use sparingly!

Find Our Perfecting Souffle' HERE

Suggested Application Tips for NF10 Naturals Care for Body & Hair Products

  • The amounts above are generally what's used for medium density/shoulder length hair.

  • After cleansing with your choice of cleanser, follow in this order with leave-in, primer, then end with your styler/s as needed for more definition and hold if desired. 

  • If your hair needs protein then use our Protein Drops during any part of your routine.

  • Use more or less based on your own hair density and length.

  • It is generally advised to use less leave-in product at the roots than at the ends, and to use less product on thin fine strands vs thick coarse strands, although it is not always the case.

  • As with any hair products, start with a small amount and layer on additional product only as needed. The more products you layer on, the more definition you will get. However, volume can also be achieved with proper drying and styling techniques.   

  • Remember that NF10 Naturals products are concentrated so they can be diluted with water or NF10 Naturals Essential Slip Priming Serum Gel. They will go much farther than store bought brands.

  • NF10 Naturals products can be used in many different ways.  If you are looking for a custom routine please book a consultation with Athena HERE.

Creams and Gels

Skin Care Usage BELOW!
*Remember, most NoFrizz10 products can be used for the skin too!





Begin your morning and night skin care routine by applying a couple drops of our pH Balancing Cleanser to our new Bamboo Velour Cloth then gently clean face and rinse.

Repeat or leave on for 5-10 minutes if extra exfoliation and a deeper detox is needed.

Find the right cleansers for your skin type HERE.


2. TONE.

Find our Orange Moisture Mist HERE.

After cleansing, apply a few pumps to our new Bamboo Velour Cloths then wipe face to freshen and tone skin.

You may also lightly mist your face at any time during the day to seal makeup or refresh the skin.

Also can be used as a hair spray!

*Bamboo Velour Cloths NOW AVAILABLE!


3. SERUM. 

It is suggested to apply 2-4 drops of our Anti-aging Light Weight HA Serum to wet finger tips then glide across entire face and neck area each morning and night after toning and exfoliating, before lotion.  Our aqueous serum with hyaluronic acid plumps the skin. Also, Bakuchi fruit extract refine pores and firms the skin.


Apply a dab of our Anti-aging Cream to crows feet, smile lines, neck, and any dry areas of the face or body, by gently patting into the skin with the tips of your ring fingers or gently rubbing in like you would any other lotion.  For a serum like sensation, emulsify with water on your finger tips and glide on, let soak in. 

For extremely dry skin, use morning and night at the end of your skin care routine.

For normal to dry skin, use a small amount nightly at the end of your skin care routine.

For oily skin use 2-3 times a week at the end of your skin care routine.

Our high moisture cream for mature skin hydrates, smooths, refines, firms, removes toxins, reduces wrinkles, and plumps the skin.  


Find our other moisturizers HERE, which also can be used as hair conditioner. 

Clear Radiant Youthful Skin using NF10 Naturals Skin Care

For Difficult or Aging Skin, for exfoliants, Serums, Skin Creams, eye cream, & lip balm go to SKIN CARE!

NF10 has partnered with Tierny Tasller Skin Care to bring you additional help to reduce acne scars and skin damage, also to help you with skin sensitivity issues. She is a licensed and certified Para-Medical Esthetician. Athena Padilla loves to use a little of each brand for skin care: follow her skin care journey HERE.


New Skin Refining Serum
DIY sugar scrub
NEW intimate gel
NEW dry shampoo 
NEW edge control/carbomer gel

NEW heat protectant/protein mask
NEW mascara


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