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Product Usage

Suggested Application for NoFrizz10 Complete Hair Care System Products

  • The following is a typical amount of product for medium density/shoulder length hair.

  • After cleansing with your choice of cleanser, follow in this order with leave-in, primer, then end with your styler/s as needed for more definition and hold if desired. 

  • If your hair needs protein then use our Protein Drops during any part of your routine.

  • Use more or less based on your own hair density and length.

  • It is generally advised to use less leave-in product at the roots than at the ends, and to use less product on thin fine strands vs thick coarse strands, although it is not always the case.

  • As with any hair products, start with a small amount and layer on additional product only as needed. The more products you layer on, the more definition you will get. However, volume can also be achieved with proper drying and styling techniques.   

  • Remember that NoFrizz10 products are concentrated so they can be diluted with water or NoFrizz10 Essential Slip Priming Serum Gels. They will go much farther than store bought brands.

  • NoFrizz10 products can be used in many different ways.  If you are looking for a custom routine please book a consultation with Athena HERE.



(All-in-one Custom Blossom Foaming Mousse, All-in-one Oat Milk Berry Volumizer, Shampoo, Aloe & Honey Gentle Cleanser, Cream Cleanser Moderate Moisture, Cream Cleanser High Moisture, Co-Wash Conditioner Cream, Co-Wash Butter, or Co-Wash Lotion)

*Please see individual product areas to learn more about cleanser usage. 



(Conditioning Cream, Conditioning Butter, or Conditioning Lotion)

*For leave-in use a dime-nickel size mixed with 1-2 parts water in palm before applying to wet hair.


(Original Plain Priming Serum, Vanilla Bean Priming Serum, or Fenugreek Priming Serum)

​*Use 1-3 handfuls all over conditioned hair to create very slippery & smooth curl clumps.


(Moisture Mist, Blossom Foaming Mousse, Oat Milk Berry Volumizer, Anti-Frizz Liquid, Flaxseed Cream Gel, Souffle' Curl Cream, Carbomer Gel, and/or Hard Hold Flaxseed Gellie.)

*Use 2-5 pumps on damp, wet, or dry hair of a Styler OR a mixture of your favorite Stylers.


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Our NEW Carbomer Gel... is for every hair type/scalp type and density. It is customizable and particularly great at reducing the difficult frizz and wet frizz

Our No Dent Hair Ties are for all hair types and rarely slip, but if needed, use in conjunction with our No Slip Root Clips.

Our Non-Silicone Scalp Scrubbers are not suggested for children or infants but are particular great for adults that tend to get a grimy or itchy scalp. Do not use on any open sores. 

Skin Care Usage BELOW!
*Remember, most NoFrizz10 products can be used for the skin too!


You may consider getting products from only 1 moisture level, but it is acceptable to mix and match as well. We have 3 different moisture levels. 1 is the lowest. 3 is the highest moisture.

Also, as you can see, each moisture level is acceptable for normal hair and normal skin too, so that means that all of our products may work for any hair type. It really just depends on how they are used. If you are interested in a certain scent or consistency, then go for it even if you don't think it's for your moisture level. Even our protein products can work for everybody, so just contact us if you need help with application tips. We're hear for ya.  

Normal to Oily Skin

​CLEANSER - Detoxifying pH 9 

TONER - Mandarin Mist

SERUM - Original Priming Serum

OIL - Orange n' Mango Oil Drops​

LOTION - Conditioning Cream


​*Custom Carbomer Gel for skin or to set eyebrows

*Hair Growth Drops can be used for eyelashes and eyebrows​

Normal to Dry Skin

​CLEANSER - Detoxifying pH 5 

TONER - Vanilla Bean Mist

SERUM - Vanilla Priming Serum

OIL - Lavender Oil Drops​

LOTION - Conditioning Butter


​*Custom Carbomer Gel for skin or to set eyebrows

*Hair Growth Drops can be used for eyelashes and eyebrows​

Extremely Dry Skin

​CLEANSER - Cream Cleanser 

TONER - Herbal Mist

SERUM - Fenugreek Prime Serum

OIL - Mint Oil Drops​

LOTION - Conditioning Lotion


​*Custom Carbomer Gel for skin or to set eyebrows

*Hair Growth Drops can be used for eyelashes and eyebrows​

For Difficult or Aging Skin, for exfoliants, Serums, Skin Creams, eye cream, & lip balm got to SKIN CARE!

NF10 has partnered with Tierny Tasller Skin Care to bring you anti aging benefits, to reduce acne scars and skin damage, also to help you with skin sensitivity issues. She is a licensed and certified Para-Medical Esthetician. Athena Padilla loves to use a little of both brands for her skin care: follow her skin care journey HERE.

no scrub exfoliants
sugar scrub
sex lube
dry shampoo (coming soon!)
edge control
heat protectant
mascara (coming soon!)