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High Moisture/KINKY/COILY

Woman with beautiful Kinky Coily Hair

Here at NF10 Naturals we tend to look at hair and skin needs from a unique perspective.  Not all wavy hair needs light moisture, not all curly hair is dry. But we have organized our website with WAVY/CURLY/KINKY/COILY in mind, just incase it's what you're looking for! We're so glad you're here.

CHAT with us if you have any questions!

NF10 Naturals Conditioning Lotion with High Moisture

High Moisture

Conditioning Lotion


Do I need High Moisture Products?

Your hair is kinky if it has a tight zig zag pattern. Your hair is coily if it tightly curled like the spring in a ball point pen. Either may have an afro like appearance when brushed.    

Your hair needs high moisture products if you want more definition or a slightly weighed down look, if it sounds crunchy when you scrunch finished hair, or if it is showing signs of damage like split ends and breakage.

NF10 Naturals Repairing Protein Mask for Dry or Damaged Hair

Repairing Protein


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