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OUR CUSTOM OPTIONS - subject to availability


You may choose to customize your routine at home by adding your favorite oil , adding our Protein Drops, adding fresh aloe, layering with our Hard Hold Carbomer Gel, or adding honey and sugar. This way you can get a number of different combinations of options to try at home depending on what you need for the day. Just mix in your HAND or a small bowl PER USE at home. If custom ingredients need to be added into an entire bottle, then contact us or see details below to ensure shelf life safety.



If you want an ingredient/s to be removed or substituted and it is not offered in the purchase menus, please order as normal in our SHOP, but you must include a note at checkout in regards to your custom needs.  You will be invoiced for a Partial Customization Fee of $5 per custom item.  Partial Customization Fees are in addition to the product retail price.  Fees must be paid timely or the order will be canceled. If we deem that your custom request is not possible, you will not be charged and the order will be canceled.  (Products we will customize: Hair Growth Drops/Serum/Gel, Protein Drops, Anti-Aging Skin Serum, Anti-Aging Lotion, Make-up Extras: concealer color or lip color, Conditioning Cream, and Conditioning Butter.)



We no longer develop new formulas, unless it is a skin color match for mineral powder makeup. We apologize for this inconvenience. 


We may be able to create a custom skin color for you. A Skin Match Customization Fee of $20 will apply to the creation of each new skin color. Just ask us how to get started on making your perfect skin color! 

Skin Match Custom Fees are in addition to the product retail price. Fees must be paid timely or the order will be canceled. If we deem that your custom request is not possible, you will not be charged and the order will be canceled. Once each new color is established, future purchases can be made at normal retail price.


If you would like us to make any of these discontinued items: Oat milk Berry All-in-one Volumizer (Level 1,2,or 3), SOAK Conditioning Lotion, SOAK Souffle' Defining Curl Cream (with protein or protein free), Vanilla Bean Primer/Spray, Fenugreek Primer, Herbal Moisture Mist, Oil Blends (Drops for Mango Orange Light Moisture Oil, and Drops for Lavender Moderate Moisture Oil) please ask if this is possible. A Discontinued Customization Fee of $5-$15 will apply per batch depending on the difficulty of product. Custom fees are in addition to retail price. There may be a waiting list. No other discontinued items with be customized or recreated.



Processing times for custom orders vary, and may take up to 30 days, or longer if you're on a waiting list. Please plan accordingly.


Packaging for custom orders will be filled in standard bottles such as pumps, flip tops, or wide mouths. Packaging may vary.  We will not generally put custom products in squeeze pouches since these are filled with a bulk machine for large batches. 


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