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Tierny Tassler


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Athena's Review


I met Tierny Tassler when she came to me for a curly hair consultation. She also suffers from a very sensitive scalp like I do. We found each other at the perfect time, because my skin was aging fast and her hair needed more frizz control. Now, I don't know what I'd do with out her. Her hair is looking better too. 

Since using NoFrizz10 Natural Care Products for Body & Hair in conjunction with Tierny Tassler Skin Care I have no more rough skin, fuller eyelashes, and even a reduction of acne scars. My skin is polished and my wrinkles are diminishing.

Tierny Tassler is a licensed and certified Para-Medical Esthetician. She specializes in rough skin, sensitive skin issues, premature aging, acne, and sun damage. Since Tierny has products that I don't offer in my brand, I am more than happy to let you know about her. She can adjust the intensity of many of her products so they suit your special needs, and she even offers consultations so you can get personalized treatment.

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In collaborating with Tierny, she has offered to give anyone coming from NoFrizz10, 15% off their first order at


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Athena's Skin Before & After

Follow Athena's Healthy Skin Care Journey HERE.

  • Before 2021, I would only occasionally try a couple of NF10Naturals hair products on my face & body in conjunction with typical store brands. It was just barely getting me by. My skin was very dry and scaley.

  • In 2021 I started using Tierny Tassler Skin Care in conjunction with some of NF10Naturals products on my face and body. I saw a lot of improvement in my skin and that was great. Tiernys Tassler's Provitalize was really reducing my acne pits.  My skin was retaining moisture better and looking acceptable.

  • In 2022 after making & releasing NEW NF10Naturals Anti-aging Products for the skin  and using them consistently, my skin started glowing again and it is finally more supple! I still use Tierny Tasslers Provitalize, and now I use Paula's Choice Exfoliant which I learned is just necessary for my skin, and I ingest Physician's Choice Collagen Peptide Powder a couple of times a week to keep my hair thicker and nails stronger since I don't get much protein or fat content in my diet otherwise.

  • I can't believe how much younger I look now even though I'm actually older!

  • I'm striving to keep my stress low and to get more sleep. I'll keep you posted!




Tierny Tassler Skin Care Product that Athena Suggests

Provitalize for acne scars/pits

Paula's Choice Skin Care Product that Athena Suggests

Skin Perfecting Exfoliant

Physician's Choice Skin Care Product that Athena Suggests

Collagen Peptide Powder