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My Story

Hi, I'm Athena Padilla; Self Proclaimed Curly Hair Specialist, Ingredient Analyzer,  Handmade Custom Product Manufacturer, and Manager of NF10 Naturals.  I started my curly hair journey in 2017 on YouTube after becoming very popular in Facebook curly hair communities.  I put together a repertoire of teaching and styling videos that can be followed along with by the Curly Hair Novice or the Experienced Curly Sue in their healthy hair journey.  Soon, I discovered that my journey would not be easy, as many allergies and sensitives developed.  I tried and tested many product brands, but sadly found none that fully met my needs or satisfied my high expectations. With inspired direction, I scoured the internet for knowledge in the field of DIY cosmetics, and got to work at creating my own brand of hypoallergenic hair and skin care that offers custom options for each hair type and lifestyle, not just curly hair. Now, in just a few years and hundreds of successful Personalized Consultations later, NF10 Naturals has a full line of Fabulous Products that work miracles when incorporated with my Proprietary Protein/Moisture Point System, Only True All-In-One Products, Mix-In options, Unique Styling Routines, and Teaching Methods. I desire nothing more than to bring a smile to all that come my way, to help everyone truly understand their value, and to find efficient guidance as they sojourn through life's lessons.





*To help you love your hair/scalp/skin!

*To customize your products & routines!

*To help you improve your hair/scalp/skin!

*To provide specialized content, techniques, & products!

*To analyze your hair's needs and answer your questions!

*To encourage joy and faith amongst the challenges of life!

Group of Activists


Life   is   full   of  stress  and  complications.  You  might  even  call  it  FRIZZ.  The  dreaded  word, FRIZZ,  has  more  than  one  meaning  in  our  book.  Here  at NF10 Naturals  we  don't  only  strive  to  help  you to have  frizz  free  hair and glowing skin,  we  hope   that   along   your   natural  skin  &  hair  care  journey  that  you   will   learn   to   enjoy   life  and   find  joy   in   the  most  important  things.   Pure   products   and  simple  routines  help,  but  life   will   always  have  it's   good   days  and  bad  days,  just   like  our  hair  and skin.  Healthy  FRIZZ  is   beautiful  and  it's  not  only  in  the  eye  of  the  beholder,  it  really  doesn't  have  anything   wrong  with  it.   It's   the   unhealthy  FRIZZ  that  we  want  to  remove  and  manage.   Leave the worrying out. 


"Believe  in  your  inner  beauty,  and  the  true  beauty  of  others.  That's  how  to  take  the  FRIZZ out of  life! 

Remember, you are a #10 inside and out!"        -        Athena Padilla

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Fairy Lights

Most Importantly

Life is all about finding true joy as we learn and journey back to our Maker, the Father.  Life was not easy for Christ, and it's not meant to be easy for anyone.  Our challenges are meant to strengthen and refine us.  If we take to heart this principle and the following words below, we will find refuge from our storms, we will find joy in the journey, and we will find our way courageously back to our Father's Home in Heaven, where our joy will increase and become eternal:

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; …

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Bible/Matthew 11:28–30

For more ways to find joy and truth in life, please visit

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