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You will be so glad when you book a coaching session with Athena Padilla. No more wondering what to do with all those products,  finally understand ingredients labels, and enjoy giving your hair & skin only what it needs -  when it needs it! Curly hair or straight!

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How Much Protein is In Your Products at Home?

What is Curl Coaching?

Our Curly Hair Consultations, also called “Curl Coaching”, is a specialty service we provide at NF10 Naturals that you benefit from without having to go to an expensive salon or leave the comfort of your own home. Each Curl Coaching Session or Curl Class is custom taught by Athena Padilla, our Curly Hair Specialist. She’ll help you better understand and care for your natural curls. Each Curl Coaching Consultation is tailored to your unique hair type and characteristics of your straight, wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair textures. Athena never forgets to include your lifestyle and ability level too! Of course, she'll help you find non- toxic curly hair products as well!

Below are some aspects commonly addressed in our Curl Coaching Sessions:

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1. Hair Type and Texture Assessment -

We’ll guide you through learning how to analyze your own hair. Don’t worry. Our Hair Specialist walks you through every step. You’ll learn your curl pattern, hair thickness, porosity, and overall texture to better understand your specific hair needs.

2. Non-Toxic Product Recommends -

Based on your hair type and concerns, our specialist can recommend specific non-toxic curly hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, and styling products that are suitable for curly hair, from any brand and price range that you’re looking for.

3. Good Styling Techniques -

Our Specialist may demonstrate or advise you on proper styling techniques for managing and enhancing your natural curls. This could include methods for washing, conditioning, and styling to promote healthy and well-defined curls. Good Natural Hair Product usage is key to your best looking hair!

4. Haircut Suggestions -

If you want to talk hair cut options and get guidance to tell your Salon or to even try to cut at home, Athena can recommend a haircut that complements your curl pattern and face shape. Certain cutting techniques, such as the DevaCut method, are designed specifically for curly hair.

5. Curl Coaching Maintenance Tips -

Advice can be given on how to maintain and protect your curls for gorgeous looks year round, no matter the season. These may include nighttime routines, protective hairstyles, and tips for preventing frizz, etc. Good natural hair products are important, but technique is everything. 

6. Customized Curl Coaching Plans -

Based on the consultation, a personalized hair care plan can be developed to address any specific issues or goals you have for your curly hair.

Curl Coaching is a great way for individuals with curly hair to gain knowledge and skills that help them to finally embrace and care for their natural texture effectively.