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Hair Product Analysis/What's In Your Products? email

  • 45 min
  • 30 US dollars
  • email

Service Description

WHAT I'll research the ingredients of 3 hair products & tell you if: Curly Girl Approved, contain protein/how much, concerns/benefits, do these work as a leave-in, can be layered with other products, how often should they be used, level of moisture, etc? For us to tell if they are for your hair type, please let us know your hair stats first! WHY Save time, $, avoid confusion!! PERKS Completed Consultations/Services earn you 400 Loyalty Rewards points. Ask for more info INFO *Customer must provide a text copy (not photo) of 3 products ingredients lists in question and the name of the hair products the ingredients come from. *This service is not based on any scientific evidence and no microscope is used. It is primarily a service which provides the gathering of information that may already be available online, to save you time and hassle, to help you better understand product labels, & what may be in your products at home. This service includes Athena Padilla's knowledge from her product making experiences, understanding of ingredients, and opinions as well. *After paying, you will receive content from Athena Padilla by the time of your scheduled appointment, possibly prior, and possibly in increments. *Please allow 7 business days for consultant to collect data. CANCELATIONS/REFUNDS/TERMS & CONDITIONS/LIABILITY/DISCLAIMER *To cancel or reschedule, just contact us 24 hours before your appointment time. *Consultations given are not eligible for refunds. There is no guarantee of hair improvement. *Consultations provide advice that is the opinion of Athena Padilla. If you choose to follow her suggestions, you will do so without holding Athena liable for any undesired effects that may occur. *Athena Padilla is not a licensed beautician or cosmetologist; she is just sharing her acquired knowledge and being helpful. At no point will Athena touch your hair. She can only provide advice and coach you along your healthy hair journey. *Athena Padilla incorporates her knowledge about hair product ingredients that she learned in making products since January 2017. She has researched what is safe and collected data from clients about how certain techniques and ingredients affect their hair long term. No two people are alike and everyone's hair acts differently. *Any content of a private nature will not be shared publicly unless specific permission is granted by clients.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours in advance.

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