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Easy Curly Hair Routine - Only 3 Steps

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Wash and Style Your Curly Hair with NoFrizz10 Products in Three Easy Steps

Maybe you’ve recently started embracing your natural curls and don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re looking for a simpler routine. There’s conditioners, gels, slip agents, mousses, serums, and the list goes on. Before you know it, you’ve got a bathroom countertop full of products and no idea which to use. What if we simplified it down to just two products? Yes, ONLY 2 PRODUCTS! That’s it! Below, Athena Padilla describes how to use her two favorite NoFrizz10 products in a 3 step simple hair care system. It's such an easy routine. Read our blog or watch in a quick video here. At the end of our blog, look for more on how to style curly hair: tips and techniques.


Any beautiful art needs a clean canvas, so the first step is to wash your hair. Whether you are using shampoo, lo-poo, or co-washing, get that gorgeous mane of yours clean. If you aren’t familiar with co-washing, it is using conditioner to clean your hair. It does require some extra scrubbing, but leaves hair feeling silky and moisturized. Athena uses the NoFrizz10 Light Moisture Conditioning Cream to co-wash her hair in her video below.

Using a Lo-poo is another great option for normal to dry scalp and it can save you time in your routine because it's basically a conditioner mixed with a shampoo. You might not need any conditioner after a Lo-poo. At NoFrizz10, we have 2 lo-poo's to choose from, either the Moderate Moisture Cream Cleanser or the High Moisture Cream Cleanser.

Shampoo should be used for a deep cleanse as needed, so usually once a week or every other week is often enough, but for people with an oily scalp or who work out often, they will want to shampoo more often. Either way, we suggest alternating between the different types of cleansers from time to time such as, one day using a more moisturizing wash, and the next wash day using a shampoo.


This is the fun step where you get to moisturize and prep your hair. If you used shampoo or a Lo-poo to cleanse, than all you'll need is a separate conditioner that you can leave on your hair and a Priming Gel. In the video below, Athena uses the same conditioner that she did for co-washing in the customize step by mixing it in her palm with the Essential Slip Priming Serum so her whole routine is only 2 products! For NoFrizz10 Products, you can find them here. You get to choose the moisture level for your hair type. Level 1 is light moisture. Level 2 is moderate moisture. And Level 3 is extreme moisture. If you need help figuring out what moisture level you need, we recommend contacting us on our website.

You can mix the two products together as a sort of cocktail in your hand as Athena does in the video below or you can layer the products one after another. Your hair...your preference! However you decide, just be sure to distribute these two products evenly throughout your damp or wet hair and detangle well.


No one wants frizz! The trick to omitting frizz is simply, smoothing the hair. It’s essential. While your hair is still damp and after you have thoroughly applied the product throughout your hair, you’ll want to use a Denman brush or a fine tooth comb to smooth your hair out. As you do this, curve your hair up and away from your scalp to help create volume.


At the end of this routine, it's a good time to twirl and enhance any curls using Athena's Ribboning Technique!

Many people love to scrunch their hair, twirl, and diffuse. This is entirely up to you!

Then, using a microfiber towel or a thin cotton t-shirt cloth carefully squeeze out any excess moisture (be aware that terrycloth towels grab hair strands and reintroduce frizz!).

It’s that simple!!

For sleeping on damp curls be sure to watch Athena's PILLOW PLOP TECHNIQUE!

If you would like personalized help, contact Athena to book a personalized consultation. Or take our Hair Product Selection Quiz to help you find which products are best for your hair.

Easy and Simple Hair Car System


1. NoFrizz10 Light Moisture Conditioner

2. NoFrizz10 Light Moisture Original Priming Gel

Pixie Diffusing

Smasters Technique

WRASSLE the hair


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Written by: Athena Padilla (Owner of NoFrizz10) & Shelby Barker (Editor/Admin)

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I have tried this and just cannot get a cast. My hair is coarse and as I have neared 50, texture and curls have changed.

Athena Padilla
Athena Padilla
Apr 27, 2021
Replying to

Using enough of the Priming Gel may help with that, but it isn't known for creating a hard cast. Which moisture level are you using? I suggest the moisture level 2 or 3 for you. Also, have you tried to add the Hard Hold Flaxseed Gel as well?