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Just Starting Your Healthy Hair Care Journey?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

"I've already clarified my hair and I've been trying out Curly Girl Approved products. I even started a journal to record my progress, but then why doesn't my hair look better, YET?"

(I know time is my friend on this journey, but STILL!) - Anonymous Beginner.

Learn How To Get Moisture Back Into Your Routine HERE.

Learn the 5 Do's & Don't to Prevent Frizz HERE

Several things may improve your hair & reduce unwanted frizz for curly or straight hair. I've been on my journey for 4 years. Let me share with you some important ideals that I try to live by in my hair care journey that you may have missed.


My Wet Stretch Test Chart is different than any other chart about elasticity out there everyone. That's why I created it. I have yet to see any new charts that top mine, just saying. Learning to Utilize the Wet Stretch Test to it's full advantage will help you understand how your hair reacts to individual products. You can do this test after rinsing out your cleanser, for instance, to see if the cleanser dried out your hair too much. Or, you can do the Wet Stretch Test after doing a deep conditioning treatment to see if it provided enough moisture/protein or possibly too much! (Too much moisture or too much protein is a thing...not good.) Try doing a Wet Stretch Test, always on only shed hair of course, after trying any new product! This way you can make important, needed changes to you routine that will actually make a difference.

"Let's stop wasting so many hair products by only using them one or two times then wondering why they don't work. Instead, learn how to incorporate what you already have in your cupboards. You may be able to get some use out of those products yet." - Athena Padilla


Keeping a Hair Care Journey Journal (say that 3 times fast) is important, as you already know, but being consistent in your journey is what will actually offer answers and progress. It can also reduce a lot of unnecessary stress along the way. If at all possible, only make 1 change at a time in your hair routine, whether with products or techniques. Then, be consistent in keeping this new routine for at least 2-4 weeks and record your results. Try doing a Curl Care Pledge like I did at the Facebook links at the bottom of this post. Remember, you aren't just trying to figure out how your hair responds to ingredients, and whether or not you have finally found a lifelong routine, but you also want to become acquainted with each aspect of your routine. Poor product application technique is most often the main reason for not achieving your desired result. You'll want to consider spending some needed time to get really comfortable at doing a few techniques that you can appreciate. Doing them all is NOT necessary. Remember though, time is on your side in this journey!

Check back every once and a while for new demo videos which I will link here for you to learn about useful techniques. For my full Playlist of demo videos click HERE.


  • Product Distribution

  • Dividing Hair Into Sections

  • Layering On Products - only as needed even if it means adding a little product 3-4 times throughout your routine.


Follow along with me in my demo video above, for great curl form and definition using NoFrizz10 products/recipes or whatever you have at home!

" What should I really expect out of all this?" - Perplexed Venturer


Well, this depends on your desired result and the effort you put into it. It's as simple as that. There really is a technique or set of techniques that will create specific looks, every time! REALLY! Once you get everything in place of course. You can get what you want when you want it! It's when you try to get what you want with out putting the proper steps or time into it that you come across frustration and anxiety with your hair. This is where having a realistic expectation with your hair is key to truly loving your hair experience.

Not every day has to be the same. Take confidence in what you get, because you get to choose!

Be patient. You'll get there.

How to Achieve 4 Different Curly Hair LOOKS on Purpose!

Here are 10 Hair Care Affirmations. Say and believe these as often as needed to get yourself back on the right track.

NOTE: Please see these statements as encouraging and empowering. Stop clinging to any beliefs that cause anxiety and stress. See the beauty in you hair, in your self as a person, in the process, and in the joy of the journey.

  1. If I get rained on or get blasted by a tsunami my hair will probably frizz and become tossled. That's OK, I can choose to laugh about it.

  2. If I play with my hair or run a brush through my hair it will loose definition and may even get breakage.

  3. Fly-aways are not the same things as frizz. Fly-aways are strands of hair that need to be placed into a "curl family" and may just need some guidance/direction to know where to go. Frizz is often rough, possibly kinky in comparison to the rest of my hair and comes from specific causes which can be identified in the Frizz Quiz.

  4. Fluffy hair is beautiful too! It's all in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes less product is more.

  5. My hair doesn't have to be perfect. I am a human being with a life. I am not a doll or a model. Heck, even models get to let loose sometimes, but if I want my hair to look perfect, it is normal to take about 3 hours, maybe more.

  6. My hair will not look the same on day 2 as on day 1. I'm stuck with my hair for better or for worse.

  7. Generally, creams and gels provide the thickest curl clumps with a flexible hold and mousse or hairsprays often cause stringy curls that go flat.

  8. I can have volume and definition! Book a Personal Consultation to get a personal training on Athena's technique.

  9. If I cut off all my new hair growth every time I trim, it really will never grow. And I can't know for sure if my hair is not growing unless I use a ruler then compare it precisely from month to month.

  10. All day volume is not really a thing, it's gonna fall, at least a little. That's why Athena created this Rassle Technique.

As you go through your personal hair care journey, remember that you don't have to go it alone. I send you all my love and encouragement. There are plenty of people just like you that are going through the same thing. Share your favorite affirmations, tricks, and routines at our FORUM.

And don't forget...

Here are some really great examples of the importance of doing a hair care pledge for 2-4 weeks!

MY CURL CARE PLEDGE RESULTS are on Facebook. Post links below for you.

3rd pledge- quick and easy routines while managing protein

4th pledge- maintaining elasticity tests & protein points.

Thank you for your support. DONATE HERE.

Written By Athena Padilla, LLC

Dedicated to my Faithful Curly Hair Followers with extreme thanks to all the support you've given me since day 1 of my hair care journey!

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