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Protein Moisture Balance Test & FRIZZ QUIZ - with Results & Suggested Best Products For Frizzy Hair

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Soon after I started the Curly Girl Method, my hair got brittle and dry. This was very abnormal for me, so I delved into the world of finding that perfect Protein Moisture Balance. I believe that I got protein overload from layering leave-in creams with gels in my hair for the first time in my life. I'm sure that doing more frequent deep conditioning also had something to do with it. I of course didn't want to loose the curl enhancement and definition that I was getting, but I did need to branch out and start incorporating protein free products.

Finding protein free products was very difficult for sure. So many products on the market are full of junk, allergens, and high amounts of protein, so I decided to create my own natural product line! With the birth of NoFrizz10 Natural Products for Body & Hair, I was sure to include a simple way to control the level of protein and moisture in your hair all while healing and restoring the hair back to a healthy condition. Finally!

My break through product line that easily gives you control over protein in your hair routine consists of mainly protein free products, 3 different moisture levels, customized products, and Protein Balancing Drops which allow you to adjust the amount of protein you need per day based on the results of the quiz below!

Continue on through our blog as you take THE FRIZZ QUIZ below, to learn more about this delicate balance, what causes your hair to frizz, and how to analyze your hair's protein vs moisture levels at home, including resolutions to the most common curly hair problems and suggested products to help you with your quiz results!

If you want to jump straight to checking out NoFrizz10 Protein Point System then click HERE.


If you want to jump straight to checking out NoFrizz10 Moisture Level System then click HERE.

Click image above to watch my video showing my natural frizz with no product in my hair.


FRIZZ : It's our BIGGEST CONCERN right? Frizz can be caused by damage, which we don't want, so... LET's Rule This OUT!!


Choose the letter/s and number combination below that closely related to your personal hair situation to identify your type of frizz then look for the appropriate tips and products for your type of hair.

Consider posting a picture of your hair in our page forum and share your results with us.


Letters P, O, K, D, and/or N


Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Ask for help if you're not sure. Contact us.



Notice the texture and quality of your hair, then choose one or more of the letter options below and write it down.

P. Dry hair that has too much protein? (Overly dry/Webbing may be present.) O. Over moisturized hair that appears to be trying to escape the moisture and needs balance? K. A kinky texture that is much curlier and stiffer then the rest of your hair and needs a deep protein treatment? D. Damage, overly dry, breakage, split ends, old dead ends, razor edged cut, hair cut with thinning scissors, hair that is too short and growing back in, etc? N. Natural Healthy Frizz that could merely use a little styling?


Before choosing a number option, do the Wet Stretch Test on showered wet hair.

Wet Stretch Test: In the shower, wet hair with warm to hot water, collect loose strands that shed only. Take one stand and get a good hold of it on both ends, then gently pull to see if it will stretch. Release tension and watch how it reacts after being stretched!

Do this test on a few strands to get consistent or averaged reactions through out your head of hair.

Look below to choose your number option.

1. Wet hair snaps/breaks right away.

2. Wet hair strands stretch a bit then snaps/breaks.

3. Wet hair strands stretch and spring back like a rubber band.

4. Wet hair strands stay stretched out and lacks curl form.

5. Wet hair strands shrink back into an unnatural curl pattern, "Frazzles".

NoFrizz10 Specialized Wet Stretch Test Personal Analysis Chart

* Suggested Products listed at the end of this blog, based on Frizz Quiz results.

* Best Anti-Frizz Hair Products & Best Products For Frizzy Dry Hair are listed below.

DESCRIPTION OF CHART with resolutions to improve hair condition.

1-If it snaps right away as you start to stretch it = too much protein. Clarify, omit protein entirely for at least 2 weeks, then test again. And do a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week. (Needs moisture)

2-If it stretches just a bit then snaps = could still use less protein or is a bit dry. Use protein only once and a while: in small amounts not more than once a week, not every time you wash or style. Continue to moisturize hair regularly. (Needs moisture, use protein sparingly)

3-If strand of hair obviously stretches more then one inch without breaking AND shrinks back like a rubber band = your hair is in balance. Alternate between products with and without protein to maintain balance. Do not use any strong treatments. (Alternate at appropriate rate for your hairs personal needs in order to stay balanced)

4-If stand stretches really far, does NOT shrink back after releasing tension and stays "stretched out" = your hair needs protein. Use protein conditioners and styling and refreshing products regularly for a few days till balanced.

(If not improving go to category 5)

5- After stretching hair, if it shrinks back into "frazzles" after stretching and does NOT go back into its normal curl pattern then...

(You need a deep protein treatment, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment)


If you need help learning to analyze your own hair or don't understand your results, please

Watch How To Analyze Your Own Hair on my YouTube Channel.

*If protein sensitive, add one ingredient with protein, in small amounts, to see how hair reacts.


(Not every quiz possibility is shown below.)

Let's say that I just got a bad haircut and all my routine products contain protein. My hair feels a bit straw like. I'd probably be a D1.

Let's say my hair is balanced and I just didn't use enough gel. I'd be a N3.

Let's say my hair has lots of webbing and feels rough and brittle. P1

I just left oil on my hair overnight, didn't get to rinse it out all the way and my hair is looking a bit limp and almost staticky in a few places. O4

I have been using all protein free products for a month. My hair is starting to get little kinky stands at the roots and when I try to smooth in products to lay down the frizz, it just pops back out and separates away from the curl clumps. I also used CG shampoo a couple of times this month and I went a bit too long between refreshing or co washing so my hair is a bit dryer then usual. Dry AND low on protein. KD5

*Protein is not always the cause of dryness. *Sometimes even though hair is dry, it could still need protein. *In this last case, this person needs high protein and high moisture!

What were your results? Please share with us in the page forum.

(Best products for each category are listed below.)



*NoFrizz10 Products that will help you with your test results listed.

*Other brands that you can find on our Amazon Affiliate Storefront listed.

*Best Anti-Frizz Hair Products

*Best Products For Frizzy Dry Hair

Selections below, are designed to offer you a full routine that will work well together for each category. Some may be used successfully for more than one category depending on need and duration used. Not all possible products are listed. None of the off-brand collections are a perfect substitute for our NoFrizz10 products, but collections may create a similar result on the hair.


I have now partnered with Amazon! If you will be purchasing anything on amazon please click one of my affiliate links before you start shopping. This is a very easy way for everyone to help out. If you already shop on amazon or want to try something new LOOK BELOW!


Too much protein in your hair? Just starting the Curly Girl Method? Hair full of build-up?



Hair needs moisture and no-low protein.



If you choose to use products with protein, these products will keep your hair's elasticity balanced. Other wise you may alternate between these (contain protein) and the protein free products above.



Medium Protein. Your hair likes protein. You need a little protein boost but don't have time for a treatment.



Your hair needs High Moisture and High Protein. You may use a combination of products from category 4 and 5.



Is wet frizz a really big problem and nothing will help your hair? Try this if you know that protein is safe to use on your hair, and likely if you have damaged hair from salon chemical processing.

* All suggested products above have been tried and tested in my curly hair community and are known for being effective and are favorite products on the market for these specific hair concerns.

For more curly hair/frizz fighting routines and tips using NoFrizz10 products, watch our videos HERE.

If you need help with any curly hair problem then please contact us.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with us in our forum.

Thank you for your support. DONATE HERE.

Written by Athena Padilla, LLC.

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