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How to Repair Uncontrollable WET FRIZZ

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

"My hair has been going crazy lately and it finally went psycho last night",

I thought to myself, after about 6 months of using only protein free, lightweight products.

I HAD to figure this out!

This is not normal natural frizz. This is my hair "frazzling" right on my head because it wasn't getting what it needed! Watch me shockingly discover this as I demonstrate the Wet Stretch Test in my YouTube video called, Wet Stretch Test Gone Wrong.

Natural frizz is beautiful and should not be of any concern. Styling hair into a more defined look is up to individual preference and natural frizz does not denote damage. Watch this video of my hair with no styling products to see what healthy natural frizz looks like.

Rough, uncontrollable frizz, even wet frizz, is not the kind of frizz to have though ladies! Nothing would lay it down and my hair felt very coarse! Was it damaged? Take my Frizz Quiz to find out what kind of frizz you have and to see suggested products on the market that will improve you hair based on you personalized results and need.

There had been a lot going on in my life and I was being very hard on my hair. I just didn't have time lately to deep condition and I was wearing it up a lot and dry detangling too frequently. I have never dyed my hair though, and I basically never use a straitening iron. I figured that I just needed a protein treatment but ignored it for too long. Not smart! That was the worst decision I've made to postpone it for as long as I did, because breakage and hair loss was setting in. Eeeek!! Yup, that's what I said. When hair is imbalanced from lack of protein or too much moisture it can suffer from breakage, but also hair loss. Even though I wasn't really doing anything to cause damage, I had to get my hair back into balance!

I know often times we get nervous about starting a protein treatment but when done correctly and in due time, they are essential and can be incorporated easily with NoFrizz10 products when needed.

When I go too long without a protein treatment my hair gets uncontrollable amounts of kinky frizz that forms all over my head. Low level protein treatments can help, but will not be sufficient. With extra effort I can generally smooth the frizz down against other curl clumps with a little NoFrizz10 Flaxseed Cream Gel or a little NoFrizz10 Perfecting Souffle' Curl Cream, but not always. If I go too long, it needs high amounts of protein and high amounts of moisture.

Let me say that again, High protein AND High moisture. I didn't say moderate protein and low moisture, or high protein and moderate moisture, or any other combo. It will make a big difference when you listen to this important curly hair tip! I believe that wet frizz, the uncontrollable rough kinky kind, needs high protein and high moisture to be repaired.

I tried using my favorite store brand ECO Gel and NOPE, got mad at that stuff this time!! It's a close second to my NoFrizz10 Flaxseed Cream Gel although, the Eco Gel was sticky on my hands and since I was at my wits ends, I put it on at full strength, hoping it would give my hair enough protein. But that just left my hair stiff and flaky. Woops. (Normally, Eco Gel leaves soft bouncy curls, but only if you don't use too much.)

I made sure to use NoFrizz10's WET FRIZZ TREATMENT as follows...

I mixed this in my palm, then applied it throughout all of my wet hair.

(If more is needed to coat hair, then use the same ratio of 5 drops protein, 3 drops oil, per 1 TBL. of Defining Curl Cream.) This is considered a strong treatment, so I only left it on for about 15-20 minutes, then rinsed.

Look in the HERE for more NoFrizz10 Oil Blends to choose from.

For those of you who have never done a protein treatment before, please start with only 1 drop per 1 Tablespoon of cream, and only leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse. Once you get to know your hair better and it's signs, you will be able to adapt accordingly. For more info on how to understand what your hair needs and how to use protein drops correctly please order Athena's Healthy Hair Secrets Pamphlet!

Basically, my hair needed high protein AND high moisture! And equal amounts of both. That's not generally something you can get from the products on the market. But with my routine and products above it can be customized. Later on, I came across a product on the market that can also do the job called Protein Power Yogurt Conditioning Treatment which I'm happy to share with you. For suggestions on a personalized routine with your hair situation, book a personal consult with Athena Padilla.

After the NoFrizz10 "treatment" I rinsed, then applied a mixture of NoFrizz10 Essential Slip Guar Gum Gel, NoFrizz10 Anti-Frizz Liquid, and a little bit of NoFrizz10 Perfecting Souffle' Curl Cream. This is my favorite little curly hair cocktail! I Squished To Condished and diffused on cool to warm air.

Thankfully, this really helped! Look at the shine and how much improvement that you can see in the after photo above. My hair felt less coarse, and very moist but not greasy the next morning after I Scrunched Out The Crunch. The treatment I ended up using provided 25 Protein Points © with high moisture from Mango Butter, Olive oil, Apricot Oil, and Vit E.

For me, just one treatment was enough to fix my frizz problem, maybe because I got the protein and moisture level just right, but not all frizz is created equal. When I got protein overload at the beginning of starting the curly girl method, it took me over a month to repair my hair and feel like it was properly balanced again. Follow my 30 Day Curl Care Pledge HERE on Facebook to see how I treated my protein overload. Also, I can attest to the need for patience in these efforts, as generally, several weeks is needed at minimum to repair hair. For instance, people who come to me needing help starting the curly girl method often have very dry hair from over use of sulfates, so I put them on a high moisture, protein free regiment that they follow strictly for usually at least 2 weeks before they start to see improvements in their hair. See my Moisture Regiment HERE. (Curly Hair Maintenance Schedule)

Everyone's hair can tolerate/handle different amounts of protein and at different increments of time, so some people may not need this much protein and some people may actually need much more. This is what so many of us on our healthy hair journey have to figure out for our own hair personally.

Often times, the way it works out is that high porosity hair can handle protein regularly and that

low porosity hair tends to use protein more sparingly. I only need moderate protein 1-2 times a month and other people need it weekly or daily. If I had been using protein as often as my hair wanted though, I would not have needed such a strong treatment and I would have been able to avoid the WET FRIZZ stage! There is also talk that we can infuse protein into our hair by eating protein rich foods. What do you think? Tell us HERE.

Please contact Athena Padilla to be sure you understand what your hair needs.

Take my Frizz Quiz, to find out what kind of frizz you have, and to see my suggested products on the market that will improve your hair based on your own personal Frizz Quiz results!

Click for more info on my Protein Point System © and the Wet Stretch Test!

Share you healthy hair journey tips to control frizz with us here in the FORUM.

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Written by Athena Padilla, LLC.

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